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Another wonderful batch! Good job!
Higa is SO bringing sexy back. <3
(Deleted comment)
Ahaha! Oh man! Number three is awesome beyond reason. 5 and 11 made me laugh too. Nice.
Yes! These are great. ^_^ Can't stop grinning now.
Great icons.
That made me die in six colors. Ganked a bunch. ^^
ahaha these are awesome have snagged a couple =D
I love them all! I think I might take the school one (#2), seeing as I'm pretty much done with school myself... I don't know what other ones I'm going to take though...
they are all made of win... XD
These are funny, saving a bunch. Thanks!
Oh man, these had me rolling. Ganking a bunch. :)
I wish these would work... 2 month ago I saved all tenitext icons but deleted accidentally, and when I came back to save them again, they don't work. -.-;;;