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Oh my.

I love you, Vee. I don't think I say that often enough. *___*
I can certainly stand to hear it quite consistently. From you. And a select few other people.

*uses icon*

BTW, probably not the best thread to discuss this on, but I ordered my 1) wig to-be-styled into Atobe wig, 2) thin red tie, 3) Hyotei school patch, and 4) Brown plaid pants tonight.


...which won't cost $700, that is?

And yeah, the amount of "variations" I plan on doing does border on obnoxious.

Oh God. Pardon me for interrupting but I need to flail a little. *flails* <3_<3
Okay, first, fabulous as always, luv. *___*

Also, is it just me, or does he look all fucked out and dazed and at the same time ready for another go in #6? >_>
(Deleted comment)
Wait wait wait, who is this who can say NO to him, Mother Teresa? (and only 'cause she deeeead)
*dies* I know, right? *_________*
"Date... Take a nap."
"No, I'm fine! I'M FINE, C'MON, ONE MORE TIME."
"WELL IF YOU'RE SURE :D" *already naked*
Hee!! Exactly! God, look at his tussled hair in that one. Jesus. x_O
*dies* look at his everything.
*dies* Funny you should say that. I was just looking at his eyes and lips when this comment came in. x_O

*tugs his hair* >_>
And GOD BLESS whoever gave him such a fondness for shirts with such wide scooped necks!

I may or may not mentally call him Legs. Like I see my own userpic and go "mornin' Legs. Looking good."
Yeah, really. x_O

...*diesdiesdies* Oh, Tilly. You win. <3_<3

(Rofl, why is he not using a strap? He looks like he's going to drop his guitar.)

Not just you.
Good. Just checking. x_O
I... I.... I.... I think I love you.

I am saving ALL of these.

Eeeee :D
thanks a bunch i took 4 and 6 will credit.
its lovely ^^
Taking some :}
took everything~!
thanks :)